Junior Chamber

If you are a Locust Grove student in grades 9-12, you can be a junior member of the Chamber of Commerce. Members get to participate in Chamber activities, earn community service points, compete for scholarships and complete programs designed specifically for them.

The Wonder City-zen Vision Book is one of those programs.

Wonder City-zen Book:

A Vision Book Project for Locust Grove High School Students

In 2016, the Locust Grove Oklahoma Area Chamber of Commerce is initiating a program for LG students in grades 9-12 who want to work on citizenship, leadership, business, economic, communication and social skills. This program involves students in completing a vision book that details a year of activities in the community.

The vision book will engage students in learning about how the town government works, how meetings are held, how decisions are made at school board meetings and Chamber meetings, what it is like to run a business and much, much more. It will also include a vision of one specific improvement of the student’s choice that he/she would like to see in the town.

All vision books should be completed by early May so that they will be available for exhibit during the Founder’s Day celebration. Vision books will be judged by Chamber of Commerce officers and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be chosen. Each of the winners will receive a cash prize to be determined at a later date. In addition, all seniors who complete a vision book will earn a Junior Chamber of Commerce cord to wear with their graduation gown.

VISION BOOK Requirements

  1. Vision statement:

A 1-3 sentence statement of the specific improvement the student would like to see in Locust Grove.

  1. Description of problem:

A 1-3 paragraph description of the problem that the improvement will address.

  1. Solution:

A 1-3 paragraph description of the way the improvement could be implemented.

  1. Illustrations:

5 or more photographs or drawings that illustrate the improvement and its phases

  1. Visual Display:

This display should be one of the following: Slide show, Video presentation, diorama or website.

  1. Business Partnership:

Partner with a business in town and spend some time understanding how the business works and write a one-page report describing the business.

  1. Town Meeting Report:

Attend at least one town meeting and write a one-page report summarizing the activity.

  1. School Board Meeting Report:

Attend at least one school board meeting and write a one-page report summarizing the activity.

  1. Chamber of Commerce Meeting Report:

Attend at least one Chamber meeting and write a one-page report summarizing the activity.

NOTE: The Chamber meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the VFW Hall.

  1. Miscellaneous Meeting Report:

Attend at least one meeting of some other civic, social or arts organization in town (Locust Grove Arts Alliance, Library, Centennial Committee, 4-H, etc.).

  1. Chamber Activity Volunteer Work:

Volunteer to help with at least one Chamber activity or program during the year.

More details and guidelines will be made available soon. Start planning your vision today!

Junior Chamber members can communicate with one another through a closed group Facebook page, where they can discussion the vision book project, volunteer opportunities, and other Chamber business. The Facebook group page is supervised by Chamber officers.

Wonder Cityzen Book Guidelines

Junior Chamber Membership Form

For more information about this program, contact Shaun Perkins or Roxann Yates.

Shaun: 918-864-9152, okiestoryteller@gmail.com

Roxann: 918-530-5321, roxannperkins@gmail.com