The Chamber office at 114 E. Main, in downtown Locust Grove, is open at various hours and on various days for you to get information about the town or to ask questions. The office is shared with the Locust Grove Arts Alliance, and you can also view the LGAA’s current exhibits.

The new LGAA/Chamber office officially opened on Oct. 14, 2017, during the Cruise and Crawl and In An Instant Photo Contest/Show. A grant for Fresh Paint Days made the new exterior possible.


Wilma Cowan

The LG Chamber had been without an office . . . forever. Until 2017, when Justin and Linda Cowan donated the old tag agency building at 114 E. Main, in honor of Justin’s mother Wilma.

Wilma Cowan defeated cancer twice, at age 33 and again at age 41, and she was the oldest survivor in the Mayes County Cancer Walk. Cowan, who died in 2011, was honored at the 2017 Locust Grove Founder’s Day celebration when her son and daughter-in-law donated a building in her name.

Son Justin said of his mother, “Something that most people never knew about Mom was how many medical hardships she endured.  She had cancer at a young age and it greatly affected her body physically for most of her life, but you never heard her complain.  She loved life and was someone that made others feel better with her presence.”

The Wilma Cowan building at 114 E. Main will be used by the LG OK Area Chamber of Commerce and the Locust Grove Arts Alliance, who will share the building as their offices.

Justin Cowan, who owns the Cowan Insurance Agency in Locust Grove with his wife Linda, said, “We donated the building because we felt it would be a very small gesture on our part to show our thanks and respect for the community that provided for my family for over 25 years.”

“We donated the building in honor of my Mom for many reasons, but I suppose the most important one would be I was always on the top of her list, no matter what,” said Cowan.

Wilma Cowan worked for years at Cherokee Toggs and Red Devil in Pryor before working as a breakfast server at the Holiday Inn Express in Locust Grove.

“Her kindness to everyone she met was very special and it affected me enough to allow me to show others kindness as well,” said Cowan.

Wilma was an expert domino player and loved following her favorite sports teams, in addition to spending time with her family.

“Mom liked to win and had no time for anyone who didn’t try their best to win.  I am certain I would not be the person I am today or where I am today without this valuable work ethic being passed on to me,” said Cowan.

* * *


We are in need of volunteers to work at the office, giving out and collecting information about businesses, attractions, and events.

This is a good opportunity to show the townspeople the benefits of their memberships by sharing information with the public and by promoting their businesses and events, and it is a fitting time to gain new memberships.

Roxann Yates will work in the office from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. the week of October 17. We ask that you let the Chamber or LGAA officers know when you can volunteer, or contact Roxann Yates at 918-530-5321 or by email: