Open Letter to LG

An Open Letter to LG Businesses, Organizations and Citizens:

What has the Chamber done for you recently?


  • The Chamber works year-round to bring a fantastic Christmas Parade and Founder’s Day event—both of which many people said were the best ones in years. These events brought people to town in great numbers, and these people saw your business and organization, frequented it, spent money there, or gained awareness of what is available in town.
  • The Chamber used a Fresh Paint Days grant to paint two businesses in town.
  • The Chamber sponsored a teacher breakfast to welcome all LG teachers back to school.
  • The Chamber website advertises member businesses, churches and organizations and would like to have more LG ones represented.
  • The 2017 town directory the Chamber published is an example of one of the ways information about the town’s businesses, organizations and opportunities is being shared across the region.
  • The Chamber Facebook page is regularly used to help promote members.
  • The Chamber hosted a successful circus in town this fall.
  • The Chamber started a Yard of the Month program in 2016, which highlights area homes and businesses that keep a beautiful yard.
  • The Chamber is planning and involved in the planning of a full slate of events for 2017 which will bring business to our town. These include the Wonder City Arts Festival, in addition to the usual Founder’s Day festivities and Christmas Parade.
  • Chamber officers regularly attend town hall meetings and give input to help improve the business, economic, educational, and recreational climate in town.
  • The Chamber is making a print 2017 town directory that will promote our town.
  • The Chamber is actively recruiting Junior Chamber members and working to get our youth involved in civic activities to learn citizenship, leadership and pride in their community.
  • The Chamber has begun working with LGHS to recognize a Student of the Month at the high school.
  • A Chamber member attends each town council meeting and represents the members’ interests when possible.

We are doing all of this and more with very little financial support, no Chamber-designated office or meeting space, and very few active members.

We are asking for your help in continuing our work for the town of Locust Grove. If you cannot attend Chamber meetings, we understand. But the meeting is only one hour out of the month . . . there are many, many other hours where we need people to volunteer, plan, and dialogue.

Please consider doing one or more of the following to help the handful of members and officers who are doing the majority of the Chamber work:

  1. Become a Chamber member. Dues are very inexpensive, and the money is greatly needed.
  2. Attend Chamber meetings. The monthly meeting (3rd Tuesday of each month, 6:00-7:00 p.m.) helps us gather ideas and organize our work. We need help, input and feedback.
  3. Serve on a Chamber committee. We have committees for the Christmas Parade, Founder’s Day, and more. Some committees meet in person, some only through email.
  4. Help with a Chamber event. Just let us know what you can do, show up, and get involved!
  5. Sponsor a Chamber event. Provide resources, funds, etc. for one of our events.
  6. Buy ad space in the 2018 Chamber town directory.
  7. Create an event that the Chamber can help you sponsor.
  8. Donate a downtown building so the Chamber can have an office or donate funds to help us purchase one.
  9. Make a cash donation. We are a non-profit with tax-exempt status.

Let’s all work together to bring back the first motto of Locust Grove: The Wonder City on the Grand River . . . and make it mean what it says!