Locust Grove Arts Alliance


The Locust Grove Arts Alliance had its first meeting on March 11, 2014. Its primary mission is to provide opportunities for and awareness of the arts in Locust Grove, and its secondary mission is to help revitalize downtown LG.

We want to bring art in all of its many forms to Locust Grove, the community, students, and all ages in order to engage people in the arts and to energize and grow the arts community.

We consider the arts to include most creative endeavors, which include the visual arts of painting, sculpting, etc., but also such arts as acting, drama, writing, music, textile arts, jewelry, beadwork, basket-making and more.

Locust Grove has a long tradition of turning out first-rate artists, including sculptors and artists like Willard Stone, Jason Stone, Ben Shoemaker, Joan Shoemaker, Demos Glass, and Bill Glass, writers like Ally Carter (Sara Fogleman), musicians such as Mica Roberts, and many more.

We want to support our artists, help them showcase their art in Locust Grove, and make more people aware of the art and artists we have in our community. We want to provide opportunities for people of all ages to engage in art and art activities.

Any interested citizen of Locust Grove is invited to join our group and cause. We have been meeting the second Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. at the Locust Grove Methodist Church meeting room.

For more information–or if you would like to be added to our group email list–please contact Shaun Perkins at or call 918-864-9152.

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