Locust Grove has 4 parks–each with its own charm.

Pipe Springs Park


Photo Slide-Show: Pipe Springs Park

History of Pipe Springs Park (pdf)

Pipe Springs Park is on the site of a Civil War battle. It is also a place where LG-ites for many generations have come to drink the spring water that flows down the hill on the south side of the park. It is a wonderful place for a picnic, family gathering, reunion, etc. The shelters are very well made and there are plenty of them. This park is located just east of town on scenic 412.


Kiddie Park


Photo Slide-Show: Kiddie Park

Kiddie Park is located one block north of Main on Delaware. It is a well-shaded, no-frills park for children to run around in and play on some old-fashioned park toys. It’s also a great place to bring a book and sit under an oak tree and read.


Gorda Park


Photo Slide Show: Gorda Park

Gorda Park is located in a residential area south of downtown. It is a shady park with lots of running space for kids, though most of it is on a hill, as the park surrounds a valley that has a hidden spring in it. There is a picnic shelter with 2 grills, a basketball court, and several rides–swings, slide, monkey bars, etc.

Water Tower Hill Park


While not actually a working park, it is city property that is dedicated to park uses. The water tower used to be here, and now it’s just a hill. It’s a pretty hill though. It would be a great place for a little nature trail.



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