XR8y2oYUR3O3oZ9iDkvAjOwlnEneauJp3_ezHsyBliFyJ9gE_gEoHQJEa_nWdYrKNEupwt1_xuGntaPElRPgDvA=w1293-h558On this page you will find links to photos of various events, activities and places in Locust Grove. Please feel free to email photos for this page that you think people would enjoy. Email photos to

Founder’s Day 2016

The annual celebration of the town’s founding was a huge success with more participation in vendors and parade entries than we’ve had in many years.

Christmas Parade 2015

The Chamber’s production of Christmas on Main Street was a huge success. Click the link to see photos taken by Marea Breedlove.

Planters on Main Street

The Chamber donated money to fill the planters on Main Street.

Watermelon Festival 2015

This photos were taken by the Pryor Times’ reporter Cydney Baron.

Locust Grove High School Old Gym

The historic WPA-built gym that has been a treasure in our community since the 1930’s was torn down in 2014. Here are photos taken of it on July 29, 2014.

Locust Grove Art Alliance Founder’s Day Hearts

At the 2014 Founder’s Day, the Locust Grove Art Alliance had its first art show, and visitors were asked to leave feedback on hearts, which is what the photos are.

Locust Grove Art Alliance Show: Founder’s Day

Here are photos taken by Kelly Palmer from the Art Show, May 10, 2014, at the VFW Hall.

Locust Grove Upper Elementary & High School Art Shows

These photos, taken by Verla Fletcher, are of the March 2014 art show. Art teachers are Pam Buckskin Glass at the Upper Elementary and Georgia  Rainbolt at the high school.

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