Pipe Springs Park

Pipe Springs Park is on the site of a Civil War battle. It is also a place where LG-ites for many generations have come to drink the spring water that flows down the hill on the south side of the park. It is a wonderful place for a picnic, family gathering, reunion, etc. The shelters are very well made and there are plenty of them. This park is located just east of town on scenic 412.

Photo Slide-Show: Pipe Springs Park

History of Pipe Springs Park (pdf)

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Billie and friend 2.jpg

Billie Cavalier and a friend


Kelly & Shaun Perkins’ birthday party, 1966: In photo: Roxann Perkins Yates, Shaun Perkins, ?, Kelly Perkins Palmer, Lewis Quantie, Pam Quantie, Peggy Weaver