Salina-Spavinaw Telephone Co.


Salina-Spavinaw Telephone Co.

In the 2017 Town Directory, we mistakenly left out a profile page for the Salina-Spavinaw Telephone Company that was supposed to accompany this photograph. The profile is below. We apologize to SST–please read the wonderful profile of this company and its work in our town!


Scott Tye, left, and Brad Hokit, work inside SST’s fiber trailer stripping the ends of fiber cables. Tiny glass strands within the cables are placed into specialized equipment where heat fuses the ends together.


Locust Grove: Part of SST’s Big Picture

A Locust Grove neighborhood – one mile east of the intersection of State Highway 82 and Alt 412 – will always have the distinction of being SST’s first fiber-to-the-home neighborhood. FTTH became available there in late 2015.

A year earlier, SST had begun vigorous upgrades to its network in order to offer faster DSL and VDSL speeds throughout it 600-square-mile service area.  At the same time, the company began burying more fiber, using outside contractors in order to proceed more quickly.

Other upgrades in and around Locust Grove include providing a 10 Mbps fiber connection to the Locust Grove Public Library, expanding fiber capacity between Locust Grove and Salina, and installing a new remote in Iron Post, southeast of Locust Grove.

“Locust’s FTTH neighborhood was the beginning of a lengthy multi-year program to deploy fiber throughout our territory,” said Jerry Prather, SST’s outside plant manager. “It took 70 years to build the existing copper network. There is no magic bullet for rolling out a fiber-optic network.

“It will require a sustained vision by the company for year-after-year investment and long-term dedication and perseverance by our construction crews.”

Everyone at SST has rolled up their sleeves for the long haul to deploy FTTH.

Big challenges have faced SST since its inception in 1945.  It has taken on each new technology in order to bring big city services to its communities and to meet the needs of its rural customers.

In fewer than 20 years, the company has progressed from dial-up Internet (1996) to DSL (2001) to VDSL (2014) to fiber to the home (2015).

Headquartered in Salina, SST is proud of its local employees and local offices; focused on excellent customer care; and,committed to all its communities.

SST: We don’t just say we’re local . . . We are local.